Why blogging + Self-care+ Feeling blue & Finding your groove

Some days I find it easier to write and the other days my mind zones out & my hands feel numb, with the idea of transcribing my thoughts or experiences and it becomes nothing more than a hassle. One of the fun elements about blogging is that you don’t really have to write anything on ‘those’ other days. Certain times when I begin typing, words simply flow to me and ideas start floating around and in those moments I don’t have to call on my thinking-cloud. If you enjoy writing and putting your thoughts in a string of words then you’ll definitely find it relatable.

It’s inexplicable that how therapeutic and liberating it feels to write down whatsoever is bothering & suffocating you from inside. If there is something that you’re holding inside for too long and are not prepared to share with anyone then please for your own sake attempt to pen it down. At the end of the day as you lay down in bed to rest your tired body then instead of randomly surfing web pages to divert your mind, open up Notes and start typing anything that’s making you curl up in a ball, sob & feel melancholy. By doing this you’re simply releasing the negative energy that probably, every now & then knocks on you door and leaves you feeling blue. 

Let’s admit that there are times when we actually want to entirely forget about some of our bad encounters and experiences. It’s impossible to eradicate their existence by erasing them from your memory unless one experiences a short memory loss as a result of concussion. So those thoughts might linger, hunt or cause you to lag behind in moving forward. Some experiences can be incredibly hard to get over and not everyone finds it easier to open up and confide in people. Unfortunately, we don’t have any button to delete, fast forward or pause anything in life. However, there are some approved remedies to heal and Writing is one of them. Anything you can’t share with anyone, you can share it with yourself by putting it down on a piece of paper or a gadget. Believe me or not, you’ll begin to start forgetting about it. If you don’t believe in the power of writing then simply give it a try and you’ll thank me later. It’s an effective way to discharge whatever got accumulated inside you and hindering you from embarking on a healing journey. You must let go of anything that weighs you down in order to fly higher.

After I published my first post, the most common question I got asked was literally that what do you get from blogging? If you are thinking that I’m making money through blog posts then ‘Hell No’ I’m not, Sigh. Well jokes apart, it made me realise that how we are hard-wired to think that every action that one takes in life, must add materialistic value to his/her life otherwise it’s worthless. Hence, majority of the people with great fortune, suffer from mental health issues despite having no apparent problems. What they don’t comprehend is that a few things in life you should do for yourself, to make yourself feel better emotionally, spiritually and physically. For example, meditate, take an initiative and join a gym or sign up for an activity, work on your body and improve your health by staying active for your own wellbeing. It can even be done by simply investing in a bicycle or going for a hike or swimming, every once in a while.

Fine, as I am bragging about it, so I’m going to share two things that are on my list:

  1. Getting a bicycle
  2. Horse riding

Now take a pause and ask yourself “what steps I can take on daily basis to ward off negative energies, stay active and improve my mental health? How can I invest in health for long term benefits?”

There are so many steps that one can incorporate in his/her routine to stay happy. Happiness is a choice, so you’ve to decide each day to be happy by taking an action to reap the reward. It may sound cliché but simple acts of kindness can be a great source of pleasure like spending time with family, sharing a friendly bond with siblings, showing respect to parents, being kind & helpful towards friends, peers & even colleagues at work and the list goes on.

If you continually practice something then eventually it becomes a habit, which means that taking a few simple steps can drastically change your outlook on life. Follow your passion and chase your dreams. Pursuing a passion may not become a spontaneous source of income; nonetheless, with time, patience and a little more effort it can be monetised.

The key to remember is that no one can really make you happy until you’re happy with yourself. People can never be the cause of an everlasting happiness. However, a right person can contribute by adding to your happiness and vice versa.

I started this blog post with an intention to write about a health & beauty topic that was lately on my mind and completely lost the plot. Before it gets any lengthier, I’m ending it here with a hope that you take something away from it.

*(It’s 3am now. Quite late, I know; perks of getting carried away. Time to turn off the light and doze off. 31/03/2019)

Thank you for reading.