Chicken Paprikash pasta+ Easy chicken broth recipe+ Sour cream’s substitute

Yesterday I prepared ravishing Chicken paprikash for lunch, on my younger brother’s insist. The recipe that I followed is very easy and not just tastes delicious but can be relished in variety of ways e.g. with pita, rice or potatoes. Of course, it tastes the best with pasta, hence why called as chicken paprikas pasta!

We had a few packets of spaghetti at home so I decided to utilise them before they could get expired. Recipe is written below in an easy to follow, step by step format including some cooking tricks and tweaks that I’ve practiced and learnt from my mum.

*      Boneless Chicken 700g
*      Oil 1 tablespoon
*      Garlic 1 tablespoon/2-3 cloves chopped
*      Salt (according to taste)
*      Black pepper 1/2 teaspoon
*      Onion 1 medium size
*      Green Capsicum/Bell peppers 2
*      Chilli flakes 1 level teaspoon
*      Sweet Paprika 2 level tablespoons
*      Chopped tomatoes 1can/150g
*      Chicken broth ½ cup
*      Flour 1 tablespoon
*      Sour cream ½ cup


1) Heat oil in a pot and add a tablespoon of chopped garlic. Stir it for a minute and then add chicken that’s chopped into bite size pieces. 

2) When the chicken has changed it’s colour then add onion and bell peppers. Here, I would suggest adding onion before peppers because it takes longer to soften. When onions are slightly soften then add peppers. ( I like red pepper’s taste hence made use of one)

3) Now add a teaspoon of chilli flakes along with 2 tablespoons of paprika and a can of tomatoes. Last time I used *homemade crushed tomatoes instead of a can and that slight change made a huge difference to it’s taste.  

4) Mix it all together and then pour ½ cup of *chicken broth in the amalgam. Put the lid on the pot and leave it on low heat to simmer for 30 minutes.

5) In a bowl mix half cup of *sour cream and 1 tablespoon of flour. Lift up the lid and add it in the sauce. Mix it well with a ladle and simmer for 5 minute more or until it has thickened. 

6) Serve it with pasta, rice, pita, bread or potatoes. 

Tips & Tricks

*The bones that you separated from chicken meat can be used to prepare broth at home. Place a pot on the stove with 2 cups of water, chicken bones, a small chopped onion, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 5-6 whole black peppers and salt according to taste. After it has reached a boiling point, leave it on low heat for 15-20minutes. 

Alternatively, dissolve 1 chicken knorr cube in ½ cup of hot water to prepare a perfect substitute.

*To prepare crushed tomatoes, add 2-3 medium size diced tomatoes and half cup of water in a grinder and run it for a minute or two.

*Use all-purpose flour instead of whole-wheat flour to get best taste and consistency.  

Plain Yogurt can be used as a substitute for sour cream. The basic rule of thumb is that you can use the same amount.

It’s worthwhile to strain some of the liquid out so that yogurt can thicken up slightly, before mixing flour in it.