6 Tips for Staying Motivated to Workout

As much as I like going to gym, there are still some days when I have to drag myself to the gym and push through the workout. Regular workouts can have a massive impact on physical and mental health. For those days when you are not feeling motivated, here are some suggestions from my experience for staying motivated to exercise regularly or at least 4 days in a week.

1) Stop the Comparison game/Focus on your Goals

Signing up for a gym does not necessarily mean that you must work on building 6 packs and focus on biceps and triceps to impress the people around. Everyone has a different body type and the duration of end results can vary from person to person. Therefore, it’s not healthy to compare your progress with anyone in that aspect.

Some people can easily get put off and feel demotivated by other’s remarks and stop working hard enough to achieve their goals. Instil in your mind that the reason behind stepping onto the path of fitness is to improve your style of living and not to seek anyone’s approval (unless you’re doing it for a professional reason). 

I personally singed up for a gym membership to stay active for my physical and mental health. However, in few months time I lost a significant amount of weight & naturally a physical transformation became apparent.

2) Fun

There are some exercises that are particularly fun for me and somehow they become a part of my daily routine (well, the reason is obvious, can’t help!).

One key element to stay motivated in the gym is to listen to your body and do what you feel like doing at that time because there is no need to push yourself to practice an exercise that’s totally against what your body demands at that particular time. Pay close attention to that and you’ll not only start looking forward to head to the gym but also reap long-term benefits. Meanwhile, it helps to set up a habit of doing regular workouts by making gym sessions fun and interesting. 

Putting on weight is alot easier than losing for most of the people so it’s required to show great patience and perseverance before you begin to see any changes in your physique.

3) Variety in workouts/Friends

Changing your pattern of exercise and not sticking to one routine for so long also helps to keep boredom at bay.  It’s good for overall fitness to try a different set of activities according to the results you want to achieve.

Variety in workouts challenges body in a unique way. Every time you attempt a new exercise you get a different muscle of your body to workout. Trying out a new workout regime might leave you surprised by the discovery of a different set of muscles. Switching up workouts is more fun for starters as it adds some spice. By trying out new exercises you may find out something that you really love and stick with.

Socialising at the gym helps to learn from other people around and you might make some good gym friends like it’s said Two is better than One. Learning about your gym buddy goals might motivate you to do even better. 

Consider joining a social networking site or a community of trainers and nutrition experts to get support in maintaining a healthy eating & exercise routine. Those who get this kind of support are proven to lose weight three times faster than the ones who do it alone. 

4) Music

Listening to podcasts or music while doing exercise is a great way to keep oneself entertained and easing workouts’ sessions. I can’t do exercise without a pair of headphones connected to sound-cloud. Music can help you to pick up the tempo for example faster beats are proven to make one run faster. Therefore it’s worthwhile to spend sometime in preparing a playlist (just realised that I need to search and update my playlist). 

Whilst you’re listening to music, your whole body syncs up even though you’re not consciously timing your feet to the rhythm of songs. If you haven’t noticed that then pay attention to it when you’re running on treadmill next time with your favourite music playing in the background and see how true it is! Thereby, you do exercise for a longer time without getting tired. It can make you enter into that zone where you’ll stop checking time or calories count and just focus on enjoying the exercise. 

5) Set Goals

Another great way of encouraging oneself is to set up some goals and making workout a part of one’s planner.  Each day, plan ahead the target and set a motive behind going to the gym. Begin with setting up small goals. In the beginning, I used to layout time-based goals for myself like 30min of running, 1hr for cardio or just intend to do workout for 2hrs in general etc.  It was a very effective way of losing weight overall. Now I need to start practicing exercises for toning like weights, indoor rowing, squats, lounges, planks etc. 

6) Workout Clothing

The last strategy that works for me is going to get a nod from almost everyone i.e. workout Clothes. According to Intel based survey of over 2000 gym goers, about 69% of the people said that putting on nice workout clothing that they enjoy wearing, helps to push them to do exercise. There is no lie about it. Doing exercise wearing something, in which you feel confident and comfortable, sets a positive mind-set and promotes a healthier and active lifestyle.  

Wear anything that makes you feel good and happy whether it’ tight clothing like a t shirt paired with leggings or something loose, breezy and easy like an oversized jumper with a pair of joggers. Choice is all yours!

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