Ordinary Alpha Arbutin & Caffeine Solution + Dark circles + Hyperpigmentation

Ordinary Alpha Arbutin:

It’s a very lightweight and fast-absorbing serum and a lethal combination of 2% Alpha Arbutin and Hyaluronic Acid. Alpha Arbutin is known for tackling issues related to hyperpigmentation and dark spots’ formation. 

It is very common to get skin discoloration around sensitive areas of skin such as mouth, eyes and forehead. The darkening is usually caused by high amount of melanin and the cells that produce that pigment, called as melanocytes. If you’re treating hyperpigmentation around mouth then make the use of broad-spectrum sunscreen a part of your daily skincare routine.

First and foremost, spot the duration of hyperpigmentation. If you got dark pigmentation lately then using exfoliating scrubs and other good quality products can reduce it. However, if your hyperpigmentation is a long-term issue then it’s an indication of a problem lying beneath your skin and it’s advised to see a dermatologist for an invasive treatment.

This product is aimed to resolve skin imperfections and inhibits melanin production to reduce the look of hyperpigmentation. After using this serum consecutively for more than 4 weeks, I’d say it’s high potency serum & proved effective in reducing hyperpigmentation and evening out the complexion. 

To top it off, hyaluronic acid maintains moisture level to keep skin hydrated and plump. Our skin cells produce Hyaluronic acid naturally to maintain moisture level but due to ageing & environmental pollution those levels drop and consequently a few things are hurled at our faces like fine lines, dullness uneven skin tone and texture.  

Interesting Fact: Just one gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to 6 litres of water.

Rate: 8/10

Ordinary Caffeine Solution

After reading several good reviews I decided to try this serum too. To understand, if this product works for you, the first step is to identify the reasons behind having dark circles. Is it due to facial features, hereditary, poor sleep pattern or diet? It’s important to know about your skin to counter that with expectation levels. 

There are days when we wake up with puffy eyes either due to water retention or fatigue. Caffeine reduces the look of puffiness and brightens up the under eye area by constricting blood vessels and you appear more awake.

There are many proven ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin K, retinol, chrysin etc. to counteract dark circles. In some cases it’s better to spend more on a single formulation that comprises all the clinically proven ingredients than to stack 5 or 6 of ordinary products. Before buying products from any brand it’s good to do your research because you might be able to get the desired results in one simple application for the same amount of money. 

It’s a lightweight and water based serum. Spotted a noticeable change in dark circles, when I applied it for the first time. Anyhow, with persistent use they were not diminished but it definitely reduces puffiness. Overall, it’s a reasonable and cost effective solution for puffiness and made a slight difference to my dark circles. 

(These days I don’t have a good sleeping pattern due to Ramadan. We wake up early in the morning, at 3 am to observe fast and open it around 8pm and that might have its effects on end-results too.)   

Rate: 5/10.