About this blog

A creative mind who’s trying to explore the world of blogging. The main reason behind starting a blog is to improve my writing skills and being able to write confidently on different topics at the same time. Ultimately, taking this chance to put my knowledge, skills and ideas to use by sharing it with others too.

In the beginning, I was a little worried that I might get picked on but then I thought to myself if I get any bad remarks then a constructive criticism is only going to help me grow further so why not take a leap of faith and jump out of my shell & here I’m, writing every now and then on DIY, Beauty & Cooking related topics. The list might get expanded in the future but for now I have already got enough on my plate and have to work on serving it in an interesting and engaging manner.

An interesting fact: Have always been inclined towards drawing & sketching. Recently, developed an interest in learning acrylic painting. Going to give it a try in the coming months. Stay tuned!

If you’re passionate about something then don’t wait too long to pursue it. Work on it and make things happens.
Eventually it’s all about taking a decision and making it right.